Clean, Pack And Store Liddle Kiddle Dolls To Protect Value

Liddle Kiddle dolls were quite popular back in the 60's. These days, they are become popular among collectors. If you have Liddle Kiddle dolls in your possession, you have three choices – cash in by selling them, hold onto them for a while longer to sell them at an even greater price or keep them for your own enjoyment. If you plan to store the dolls, you must do so very carefully to ensure they remain in good shape during their stay in storage and come out looking as good as they did going in. Here, you will learn how to pack up those adorable little figures properly for the best results.

Clean the Dolls

Your dolls need to be cleaned thoroughly before you pack them away. You will need a little bit of warm water, a drop or two of liquid dish soap, some Q-tips and clean, soft cloths.

  1. Very carefully remove the clothes from your dolls. Keep them organized so that you can put the right clothing on the right doll later. If the clothes look dirty, fill a bowl with warm water and add a drop of liquid dish soap. Mix well and add the clothes to the mixture. Soak the clothes in the bowl for 20 minutes or so, then rinse gently under warm water. Lay them out to dry in front of a fan.
  2. The dolls are now ready to be cleaned. Use a Q-tip dipped in the water to wipe the face and body making sure to get in all of the crevices. Dirt really likes to hide around the neck, under the arms and between the legs, so make sure to pay close attention. Lay the dolls out to dry.
  3. If the dolls' hair isn't looking very nice, you should probably give it a quick washing. Wet the hair with warm water, massage the hair with a drop of hair conditioner, very carefully comb the knots out of it, rinse it well and lay it out to dry. Make sure to style the hair before you dry it. After it is dry, it might not style the way that you want it to.

Pack the Dolls

  1. After the dolls are nice and clean and completely dry, it is time to pack them up for storage. You will need some acid-free tissue paper and some small boxes – shoe boxes work nicely.
  2. Don't put the clothes back on the dolls, as storing them with clothes on them could cause their little bodies to become discolored.
  3. Wrap the doll with the acid-free tissue paper starting with the head, making sure that its hair is held in place. Continue with the rest of the body and tape the tissue paper in place. Wrap the clothes in a separate piece of tissue paper and tape that packet to the wrapped doll. This way, you will be able to quickly dress the dolls with the right clothing when you get them out of storage.
  4. Place the dolls in a single layer in the shoe box. You don't want to stack them on top of each other because it could cause them to come misshaped after spending some time in storage.

Store the Dolls

You want these dolls to be stored in a climate-controlled setting. Failure to protect them from excessive heat and humidity will cause the glue to fail, the plastic to become fragile and the hair to frizz.

Your Liddle Kiddles are made better than most of the toys marketed today, so they will do well in storage if you take the time to clean, pack and store them properly.