Three Reasons To Use A Storage Unit Instead Of A Pod

If you need to store some personal belongings outside of your house due to remodeling, moving, or another reason, you know that you now have the option to have a storage pod delivered to your home. These at-home storage units can be handy because they rest right by your house, requiring no travel to an offsite facility. But in many cases, having a regular storage unit in a large facility is the better option. Here are three reasons why those traditional units can be a lot better than those newer residential storage services pods.

Long-Term Storage

Sometimes storage needs are indefinite. Maybe you just cleaned out a deceased relative's home and need time to go through decades of belongings, or your remodeling project is taking longer than you anticipated. Whatever the reason, if you have to store items for a long time, a regular storage unit will be a better choice. Pods block your driveway or the curb in front of your home; if you have a pod there for a long time, that means you lose parking. You may also have to deal with an annoyed homeowner's association that doesn't want the pod around for very long.

Onsite Help

If issues arise with a regular storage unit, such as damage, there are usually onsite managers who can help you fix the damage or let you move to another unit quickly. This is not the case with pods. Even with excellent customer service, it takes time for a truck to deliver a new pod, or for repair technicians to come out to fix a problem with the pod. Overall, you'd likely get a faster resolution from the onsite management at a storage facility than you would from a pod company.

Room to Move

Pods can be rented in different sizes, but there's a limit to how big of a pod can fit in your driveway or on the street without blocking traffic or impacting landscaping. That's not a real problem if you need to store only a small amount of stuff. At a storage facility, though, you have the option to rent large units if you need to store a lot of stuff. Plus, those larger units allow you to arrange things so that you have pathways through the unit and you can access things in back. That can be harder to do with a pod if you don't have a lot of space on your property for large pods or multiple small pods.

If you have questions about storing your belongings for an extended time, or if you'd like organization tips for the interior of the unit, talk to a storage facility. You'll find a wealth of sizes and unit locations and should be able to find a unit that suits your needs well.