Moving Out Of Country Or Out Of State? There Are Some Things To Consider First

It might have been a dream of yours to move out of the country to a warmer climate or more cost effective locale. You might even wish to move to a different state where the jobs are plentiful and the sun always shines. There are some things to consider before making a long-distance move, especially one that takes you out of the country.

Medical Insurance

If you move outside of the United States, you should know you will not be covered by Medicare. You will need to find an insurance company that will cover you while living in a different country. It may be possible to find a local insurance company in the area you are moving to, but make sure before you decide on a location that you will be covered with medical insurance before making the move. There are some countries where medical procedures are less expensive than within the United States, so depending on which location you have chosen to move to, it might be affordable to pay out-of-pocket for certain things.

Exchange Rate

It is not a good idea to move all your money to the country you are moving to, but you will need to transfer funds to a new bank account in order to pay bills and buy things you need. It is a good idea to become familiar with the exchange rate of your chosen country's money against the US dollar before you move there. Exchange rates fluctuate over time too, so before you leave, keep an eye on the rates for where you want to go and the dollar to get used to the difference.

Away from Family and Friends

The hardest part of moving long distance is being away from family and friends. It is no longer easy to take a short drive to visit or have them over for holidays or BBQs. If you have moved to another state that is clear across the country, it is either a few day's drive to visit or a potentially expensive plane ride. If you have moved out-of-country, there is the added expense of obtaining a passport, and some countries require visitor Visas in order for people to enter the country.

Trial Run Before You Move

If you are able to take time off from work, or if you are retired and really would like to see if your chosen place is where you want to live, then do a trial run first. Take six months and rent a house or apartment there. You could do this on an extended vacation from work if that is possible. This will give you a good idea of what living there is like. It is different to vacation at a resort and visit tourist sites than to actually live in a new location.

If it is a heavily traveled vacation spot in the summer, then spend time there as a local for the duration to see if you can handle the crowds. In the same token, spend time during the off-season too to make sure the area is still appealing to you when the excitement of the summer season is done. Then, contact professional movers like A W Moving & Storage to get your belongings shipped.