Clean, Pack And Store Your Barbie Dolls Properly

Barbie dolls have been around for many, many years, and some of the older dolls have become quite valuable these days, as well as the clothing and playsets. If these dolls are worth as much as they are today, imagine how much they will be worth in another ten years.

If you have Barbie dolls that you want to store for a few years, it is important that you prepare, pack and store them properly. Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Clean the Dolls

Wipe the dolls' bodies and faces with a cloth dampened with warm water and liquid dish soap. The soap will cut through the grease without causing any damage to the paint and material.

If the hair is out of control, you can fix it by soaking the hair in very hot water mixed with a bit of fabric softener, combing it carefully and letting it dry. If you still have a hard time running the comb through the hair, massage a tiny bit of hair conditioner through it, comb it out, rinse it carefully so that you don't tangle it again and let it dry.

Don't put the doll's clothing away dirty. Run some hot water in a bucket and soak them for an hour. Make sure to keep the colors in a separate bucket from any white items that you have as the colors will bleed into the water and discolor the white items. Rinse them well and lay them out to dry.

Pack the Dolls

The best way to pack Barbie dolls is to get an empty beer bottle case. These cases come with dividers inside of them where you can slide the dolls into each one and keep them from rubbing against each other during transport.

Before you place the dolls in the box, slide each one into a clean tube sock to protect them from dust. Slide them in head-first to push the hair downwards to keep it from getting tangled.

Clothing should be wrapped individually in tissue paper. This will help to keep the colors from bleeding onto each other and protect them from dust.

Store the Dolls

The climate in which you store the dolls must be controlled. You don't want the doll exposed to high or low temperatures or high levels of humidity. If you don't have a place in your home to store the dolls, a climate-controlled storage unit will provide your dolls the safe haven they need for the next several years. To ensure your storage unit is safe and secure with climate and humidity control, contact local storage facilities, such as Security Self Storage, and ask about their service options. 

Take your time to prepare, pack and choose the place in which you store the dolls. When done right, these dolls will look just as beautiful when they come out of storage as they did going in.