Moving Services And Relocating With Pets: How You Can Make The Move Easier For Them

Some animals handle moving to another home rather well. Other pets do not. If you are about to move and you plan on taking your pets with you, here are a few pointers on how to make the move easier for your pets.

Moving with Dogs

Dogs, for the most part, have no problem moving from one place to the next. As long as they get to stay with their humans and can stick their heads out the window during the long drives, they are pretty good. You will need to make more frequent pit stops so that your dog or dogs can relieve him/her/themselves, but if you are also traveling with children, that will work out fine for everyone in the car. If you are also moving during hot summer months (which most families do so that the children can adjust to a new school right away in the fall), then be sure to water your dog at every stop. Additionally, if you have a dog with a sensitive stomach who cannot ride in cars long distances, then you might want to fence him or her off in the back of the vehicle and put down rugs, towels or blankets that you do not mind your dog destroying or staining.

Moving with Cats

Cats, as a general rule, do not like riding in cars. It tends to freak them out and they will cry endlessly. You can help decrease your cat's anxiety by prepping him or her for the move a few months in advance. Start by taking your cat on short car rides every day. This helps your cat realize that the car and the motion are nothing to be afraid of, and he or she will begin adapting to the constant motion. Then begin to lengthen the time of the ride so that your cat can adapt to that. When the day of the move arrives, load kitty in the crate and place him or her close to other family members so that kitty can see them and not feel so anxious.

Moving with Birds

Birds should avoid drafts at all costs. This means you cannot put your birdcage anywhere near an open window or the vents where the air conditioning is blowing in. If you move in the middle of winter, you should move the birds in their covered cage quickly from the house to an already warm and waiting car. The less time the birds spend exposed to cold, wind or drafts, the more likely they are to survive the move. When the cage is covered, they are protected from some of that cold. While in the blanketed cage the birds will also think it is nighttime and remain quite calm for most of the trip.

For more information and tips on moving with pets or in general, contact local moving services, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc.