Why You Still Need A Moving Service To Move In The Same Apartment Complex

If you are upgrading to a different apartment or townhome in the same community, you may be convinced that you can easily perform the move by walking. Attempting to move with your car or by walking will serve to frustrate you, because of the time that it will take. Instead of trying to pack and drive over your belongings little by little, here is a step by step guide for moving to another unit in your complex. 

Pick a time when there will be fewer cars

If you live in the apartment complex, chances are that there are times where there is a major influx of individuals coming in from work and school. Figure out when the apartment rush is, and determine to move many hours before or after it ends. It is best to plan your move for the morning, directly after the morning rush. This avoids you having to move late at night when there is no lighting and when you could disturb your new neighbors who are settling in for the evening. 

Hire a moving service

Just as you would with a longer distance move, you should pack up your belongings and load them into a truck. Get a truck from a moving service secured for just one hour or two in order to complete the job. Since this is a short-term move, instead of taking items out of dressers and drawers, you can tape the dressers so that the drawers do not slide out and the doors do not open. Store as much as you can inside of dressers to cut down on the cost of boxes. Pack up the truck and move over just one time. 

Start an assembly line

Since you will only have the moving service for a short amount of time, one way that you can save time unloading the truck is to perform an assembly line. Have one or two individuals take items off of the truck and form a line to pass the boxes to the interior. This way you can get all of your smaller items inside within a relatively short amount of time. Once the boxes are inside, have the moving service help you reassemble furniture. By hiring a moving service for a few hours for an extremely short distance move, you may be able to set up your home within the day, which will cut down on the time it takes to normally settle into a place and unpack all the boxes. 

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