8 Things You Must Do Before You Move

Creating a moving checklist can be stressful. You can make your move much more relaxing when you begin to plan early. These steps will help you take great strides toward a safe and happy move.

1. Look into moving companies.

About two months before you move, it is important to consider researching moving companies. Read reviews to ensure that you choose a company you feel is trustworthy. This is also a smart time to get estimates from moving companies to compare.

2. Change your address.

It is a good idea to initiate your change of address with different companies before you move. You can start the transfer of mail with many companies for a future date, and this prevents your bills from going to the wrong address.

3. Don't move items you don't want.

As you begin to pack, throw out or donate items you do not want to bring to the new house.This is a great time to have a garage sale to prevent your family from bringing unnecessary items to the house.

4. Initiate school transfers.

If you have children who will be going to school at the new home, getting those school records transferred over early on will make the transition smooth. Moving is already tricky enough for children, and this makes everything less stressful for them.

5. Help everybody update their address books.

You can do this by sending a mass email or text message to your family members to let them know that you are moving. This prevents Grandma's Christmas card from making its way to the wrong house this holiday season.

6. Create a labeling system for your boxes.

You can color code your boxes or number them with an intricate inventory system. No matter what system you use, ensure that you understand it completely. This helps movers put the boxes in the right rooms when they unload the truck rather than simply forcing them to guess where different items go. Some people even include a short list of the contents of the box.

7. Cancel home deliveries, like those for newspapers.

You should also change the address for your subscription services, like Netflix, to avoid the hassle of hoping the new occupants will send it back for you.

8. Inventory your high-ticket items.

Always ensure that you photograph your big items, like your TV and artwork, to ensure that you have evidence of how they looked before and after the move.

Your moving day checklist just got a bit simpler to write. The earlier you plan, the easier your move may be. For more help, talk to a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.