You Get What You Pay For: Is Container Storage A Good Idea?

Self-storage facilities are designed to be accessible. The principle is simple enough—lockable garage-style spaces in a variety of sizes in a purpose-built facility. They're not all the same, and some offer more options than others (such as a climate-controlled interior), and the layout allows you to come and go as you please to access your stored items. When investigating your available self-storage items in your local area, you might come across companies offering container storage. How is this different from regular self-storage?

A Basic, Mobile Storage Unit

A shipping container is nothing more than a basic, mobile storage unit. Remove the mobile part, and you've got container storage. Some companies exclusively offer container storage. The price may be lower than a standard storage unit.

Limited Sizes

The price for portable storage containers can be lower and you'll get a generous amount of space in return. There's rarely a practical smaller option. Shipping containers are available in different sizes, but most (around 90%) of them are the international standard size (8 feet in width, and 20 or 40 feet in length). So you may not have many choices in the size of the container storage space available to rent. Aside from the possibility of saving money, what are some of the benefits? And for that matter, what are the downsides?


Dedicated container storage facilities are often quite basic—little more than containers placed on a lot, and designed with simplicity in mind. You'll need to invest in a sturdy padlock for the unit before you fill it. But when you fill it, it may not be convenient to regularly visit the lot. To keep overheads down, these lots are often in out-of-the-way industrial locations or even old warehouses. If you don't need to access your storage quickly, then this can be very workable.


You should also check the security at the lot. Self-storage facilities are staffed (some 24/7), with wide-ranging CCTV cameras and other security measures. A container storage lot should is often kept in a fenced compound and may not be staffed with any regularity.

You can probably find a bargain with a container storage rental, and when you need long-term storage for a considerable number of low-value items, then they may be the better bet. But for all other storage uses, the security and convenience of a purpose-built storage unit might work better for you.

For more information about storage solutions, contact a local company.